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"I had the pleasure recently of having a message from Mark Goddard. Since I prefer deep tissue messages, I found Mark's strength...yet gentle technique, to be very relaxing & rejuvenating. He took his time and really worked through the knots and kinks throughout my body. I walked away feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for the perfect balance... a message therapist with an enlightened heart that brings strength and spirit to the message table. "

~ Alisa Troise, El Dorado County Real Estate Agent



"Oh my goodness. (sigh) Ahhhh.... I am in total bliss! You two are amazing. Awesome! That was INCREDIBLE! Wow. What else can I say? Wow."

~ Joan Woodward after a Yin-Yang HypnoReikissage treatment
with Sage and her twin-flame soulmate husband, Mark



"Mark has really done some truly remarkable things for my back. I'm a lot better than when I first met him. It is if his hands are something other than human. Mark is the only massage therapist that has both the strength and the healing hands to penetrate and release the resistant areas of my lower and middle back. He's truly the best I have ever had."

~ Rose Hutchinson, Retired Nurse



"Mark, this was really wonderful (two-hour massage). You truly work on the level of the nervous system."

~ Janice Jacobson, PT



"I have never had a massage like that! Mark is so intuitive - finding all my pains. He was so tuned in, he knew just what to do. No one has ever had enough strength to give me relief in my lower back. I slept well for four days after that massage."

~ Carrie Becker



"I have never felt this comfortable with any massage therapist on the first visit as I have with Mark."

~ Lauren Grunbaum



"My massages from Mark have been the best I have ever had!"

~ Wendy Stedeford, Accupuncturist - El Dorado Hills


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