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Who is this program ideal for?


What makes this Reiki Master Training unique?


Discover a powerful, life-changing Reiki Master Training Experience... For peace of mind and changing the world.
Want to become a Reiki Master or a more powerful one?

Those new to Reiki who want to save time and money while getting a REAL Reiki training with in-person attunements and hands-on, supervised practice (not some "online" course).

Those who have already had Reiki I or II and are ready for the next level!

Reiki Masters who feel their Reiki energy has waned, or who feel called to get attuned and trained with different teachers – to revitalize your Reiki commitment, expand your skills and confidence.

Everyone who wants personal healing and to accelerate their spiritual path.

OCTOBER 13-15, 2017

email Sage at sage@loveandspirit.org to be sure to get the details.

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"What an amazing class! I learned so much in such a short time. Sage and Mark are wonderful teachers. Incredibly warm, open and loving. I am coming away with so much knowledge that I can use in every aspect of my life. What a great tool and set of teachings! The material was excellent, and Sage and Mark go way beyond the regular Reiki Master curriculum. My favorite part was the Reiki Release shamanic extraction/psychic surgery. It was very powerful! I can really feel a shift. This training was phenomenal and I highly recommend it to everyone!"

~ Laurie Parsons, Reiki Master

"Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals." ~ Dr. Oz

"But I thought you have to wait between levels...?"

"You can never learn Reiki too fast or too slowly.
The rate at which each student learns Reiki is the
right rate for them."

~ Mrs. Hawayo Takata, First Female Reiki Master &
the person who brought Reiki to the West

Many contemporary Reiki students have been told that it is imperative to wait months or years between attunements for levels I, II and III (Master), however that is not actually required. Many Reiki Masters have taught Reiki in a more accelerated way, including Mrs. Takata. Many people find they much prefer the immersion experience because of the great spiritual power of learning in an accelerated manner.

While many who attend this accelerated retreat have already had Reiki I or II, many students have not had any Reiki attunements or training yet, and this program will still be very effective for you. In fact, we ourselves have learned Reiki and become Reiki Masters BOTH ways: The "slower" way and this "faster" way. And we found the intensity of the accelerated training was phenomenally more powerful for us. (Our students have felt the same way, as you can see from the testimonials below.)

This program is also more than just 3 days. You will begin your Reiki studies as soon as you receive your Reiki Kit, and we continue to support you for years to come in our online Reiki community with live support. We also allow our graduates to take the program in the future at half price so you can integrate and re-immerse when you are ready. We provide you with excellent training resources for before and after the in-person retreat, and we include ongoing lifetime support in our Reiki Facebook community.

email Sage at sage@loveandspirit.org to be sure to get the details.

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for Reiki Master Weekend Intensive Training


You will learn:

10 Reiki symbols including Usui, Tibetan and more.

The essential Reiki I, II and III practices.

How to use Reiki for healing yourself and others.

Reiki meditation and principles.

Distance healing with Reiki.

How to give Reiki attunements to others, at Level I, II and III (Master).

Psychic aura protection and intuitive practices to open your Third Eye and palm chakras, for use before, during & after any Reiki session.

Shamanic psychic surgery!

Channeled ANGELIC mudra and movement to enhance your Reiki energy, received from Archangel Michael and not taught anywhere else.


Class sizes are very small to ensure a lot of PERSONAL ATTENTION, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1 or even better!

We don't spend a lot of time sitting and reading handouts in this program. Because this is deep immersion in learning Reiki, you will be actively DOING Reiki for most of the 24 hours!

You will RECEIVE THE REIKI MASTER ATTUNEMENT MULTIPLE TIMES. And also provide the attunement for others, so you are comfortable & empowered to do it on your own.

You will also receive an EXTENSIVE REIKI KIT packed with:

3 of the best books on Reiki available anywhere, by top Reiki world experts.

A 136-page in-depth REIKI MASTER MANUAL including energy anatomy, tips and templates you can actually use to teach Reiki, and much more than one usually gets in a Reiki Master program.

Reiki music audios for relaxation and healing sessions

And some great surprises!

Everything about our program is HIGH-END, even your Reiki Master Certificate, which we commissioned a talented artist in Scotland to make, customized for you.

Finally, you will have FOLLOW-UP SUPPORT to help you grow your Reiki practice, should you chose to become a Reiki healer or teacher. We are including a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in our online Reiki Master Facebook comeUNITY where you can connect with us as your Reiki Senseis and with other Reiki Masters and continue to grow your Reiki knowledge and connections!

And you have the opportunity to retake the whole intensive again as a graduate and auditing assistant at an extreme discount. Auditing and assisting at the course a second time gives you that integration time so you absorb it at an even deeper level, reattunes you so your Reiki energy is even stronger, and gives you the chance to practice all the experiential practices in a supervised and loving environment, in sacred space.

~ Artwork by E11en Vaman

Currently scheduled Reiki Master Accelerated Intensive Weekend Trainings

The Temple of Light & Healing Center
in Placerville, California

Join us for a rejuvenating &
magical 3-day reTREAT.
Right in the heart of the historic,
beautiful Mother Lode Gold Country
of Northern California

Archangel Michael
in the Temple of Light

Accelerated Reiki Master Intensive (RMI) - 24 hours of in-depth, hands-on training over three days.

Extensive Training Materials - Your Reiki Master Kit (Value of $120)

Your gorgeous Reiki Master Certificate

Healthy, organic, delicious lunches all 3 days

Lifetime membership in the Mystic Light Cloudwing Reiki
Facebook online community

Transportation to the retreat center

Dinners - There are many wonderful restaurants nearby.

Lodging - We have recommendations for excellent, affordable options.

OCTOBER 13-15, 2017

If you are ready to become a Reiki Master, or you want to take your Reiki to a whole new level, this accelerated program is for you. Spaces fill quickly, and the program is only taught 2 to 3 times per year so be sure to reserve your spot.

This training will fully train and empower you to become a certified professional Reiki Master, with multiple attunements and the best training available anywhere, without having to wait months or years between levels!

Is it better to learn Reiki quickly or more slowly?
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Reiki Master Intensive Retreat
Tuition = $1200
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but need more time to pay?

No problem! Just put down $100 today to save your spot and contact Sage via email Sage@LoveandSpirit.org to work out a payment arrangement for the balance.

Minimum deposit only: $100 - Saves your spot
Contact Sage to arrange a payment plan


(Note: Due to the very limited number of spaces,
the deposit is nonrefundable unless we cancel the program)

Recommended deposit $200 + $20(for kit shipment) = $220
- Saves your spot PLUS gets you your
Reiki Resource Kit to begin preparing for the training




We would be honored to be your Reiki Master Teachers and we send you bright blessings always.... Mark & Sage, Reiki Masters


Sage and Mark are a Twin Flame couple, married since 1998, and have both been trained as Reiki Masters with multiple Reiki Masters, over many years, in both the “slow” and the “accelerated” formats. They are both shamanic healers and ordained interfaith ministers and bring Reiki into everything they do, as healers and spiritual teachers and also in personal life. Mark is also a certified massage therapist and an artist who creates Shamandalas TM – Shamanic mandalas that are sacred meditation and healing portals. Sage is also a hypnotherapist, meditation and chakra expert, an Archangel Michael channel and emissary, gifted intuitive and one of today’s top Law of Attraction teachers worldwide. The spiritual prosperity program, Angelic Abundance Activator, created by Sage & Archangel Michael was recently voted the #1 Law of Attraction Program on Earth in an independent global contest in 18 countries. Together they have over 55 years of experience in the field of holistic healing and spiritual awakening, and they bring a very loving, shamanic and angelic approach to teaching Reiki.

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