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Mark comes to the field of massage therapy via many paths. Throughout his life, he has had the intuitive experience of "knowing exactly where that pain is" on other's bodies. His sensitivity on this level and his desire to serve from the heart, for the betterment of others has made him an ideal candidate for this kind of work.

I grew up living the isolated life of a shy person. In my youngest years, I had moved a bit, so I had a sense of being the new kid on the block, and even though most of my elementary school years were spent in one place in Maryland, I felt like I didn't fit in. I was teased and beat up at the bus stop. I was exposed to a great deal of criticism and judgement and didn't have a great deal of personal confidence. Nor did I share a lot of commonality with my peers there. I had no desire to play video games, watch TV or work on cars and I found adults more interesting to hang out with intellectually. I was not the kid that had big birthday parties with kid friends doing special events, my parents were who I celebrated with. Much of my young life was very introspective. I didn't even date until after college. Also, while growing up, I was told I had a healing touch, so this concept of the energy of touch has been a fascination for me.

I had many interests growing up and loved nature, so I spent a lot of my time outdoors in the natural world. Many questions about human psychology and spirituality went through my thought process, and growing up in a Unitarian church, I was exposed to all of the major religions, at least in an intellectual way. My parents were also so inclined towards self-exploration in this manner.

There was a man named Gurdjieff, a Russian-Georgian man who traveled the Far East and Middle East in quest of the knowledge of hidden schools of thought. He brought back to the West many practices from ancient Egyptian schools, and from Vedic and Buddhist traditions, with a focus on personal discipline. My folks were involved with this Work and so I became interested.

After college, I finally found a Work circle that I joined, a mainly Sufi oriented group which was grounded in a meeting for discussion and practice Friday nights. I was involved with this for about 7 magical years and I embraced the leader, Tariq Hamid, the "Green Sufi" as a father figure, who had a large, positive influence in my life. I have also had an inclination towards the Native American spiritual traditions and practices, and have a big connection with the raven and the deer as mediums of spiritual messages for me. The mysteries of shamanism have gripped me since college and the readings of Dan Millman, especially "Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior",which revealed to me a lot of parallel experiences with the paranormal, serendipity and observed phenomenon that doesn't fit into the realm of linear logic and reason, served as inspirational.

Meanwhile, art has been an integral part of my life since early childhood and my purpose of art has been the honoring of nature. One artist who inspires me is Andrew Goldsworthy, a man from the UK, following his journey in art embracing nature, change in the natural world and the temporal aspects of all things in life. He works on a large scale with stone material as well as materials insitu in the natural setting involving photography. During the time I was in the Sufi group, visual meditations were a large part of the spiritual practice. We used the Sri Yantra on a daily basis for the quest of understanding self and the universe. So, I ruminated on the concept of creating visual meditation devices as an art form.

One Fall day, while living in Berkeley, I set out to collect natural materials to work with for the creation of a mandalic form of art. It was cold, damp and overcast when I went to Tilden Regional Park. I had no conscious intention about having a shamanic initiation or experience, I just wanted to collect leaves, lichens and twigs of my choice. It seemed there was no one else in the park that day. During this adventure, I stumbled upon five severed wings of Barn Owl and a dream catcher dropped along side the path. I was magnetically drawn to these and spent a bit of time considering the situation and what to do. It seemed that there was something that needed to be put right here energetically. I took time to honor the birds and offered tobacco, before picking them up and taking them home. A whole host of things happened, for which I will not get into, but this turned out to be the period of my shamanic initiation, where I was exposed to the workings of a different world. Later I learned that most Native American shamanic practitioners preferred to reference the hawk and the eagle as power birds as opposed to owl who is associated with more intense energy. Luckily, I had a lot of protective guides because I transcended the experience. I subsequently worked with a Kiowa shaman and explored the ritual of vision quest as a prayer form and quest for information. It was at that time that I made commitment to the process of doing healing for people and creating artwork for that purpose as well, however, after getting married, I needed ways of generating income which art did not seem to fill that need, so I did other creative things which could put food on the table and keep the rent paid, like landscape design and installation.

In 2004, I got training in bodywork at the School of Shiatsu and Massage at, what was then Harbin Hot Springs. After a period of difficulty living in the remote location of North San Juan, north of the gold mining town of Nevada City, in the California Sierra Nevada, we were called to sell our home and move to Hawaii. We were there for two years and when we returned, I was in the position of holding consciousness around doing my artwork. I was at that crossroads whereby I was looking at the close of my life experience without having done any more artwork and one filled with that experience. I had a strong emotional drive to start doing my art again. This resulted in the latest body of work that was done in a ritual manner with an intent to heal the chakras. The "Flying Geese Series" started early in 2009. When I made my recommitment to doing my art and started work on the first canvas, a pair of Canada Geese landed in the field next to our home at the time. They remained there for the duration of time it took for me to complete the first painting. As the last touches of paint dried, the birds flew away, never to be seen again. After I had several pieces completed, I hung them on the wall in time for a party we hosted. A good number of people were invited, and since I had created these with an intention towards personal healing and meditation, I wanted to see if I would get any spontaneous feedback on this. As it turned out, people were magnetically drawn to the works and people came up to me an exclaimed that they were feeling healing energy emanating from the pantings! So I got immediate confirmation that my experiment worked.

Meanwhile, my bodywork practice gradually became more focused on helping people in other areas of their life, and it evolved to the extent that I was doing more energy work and exploration of shamanic type healing practices, which delivered powerful results for in-person clients. Later, I found that I was able to help people over the phone, who were located in other countries with the same kind of results. So, ultimately, I found freedom to help people across time and space, through Skype and phone sessions, doing dream journey work, past life regressions and healings, and personal system tune-ups to help make life experiences work better. Eventually, after becoming a Reiki Master and a trainer in Reiki, I have incorporated a Reiki Release process in my shamanic work to help people let go of traumatic experiences, negative energies, entities and cording from other people. In April of 2017, I completed a 12-month Higher Consciousness Intuitive Energy Mastery Program, which dealt with a broad range of energy healing modalities including chakra clearing and healing and intuitive guidance.

So, I currently stand as a hollow reed with an intention towards healing others. Despite all I do, I embrace the concept that I am a bridge between those who come to me and the those in the ascended position, who are meant to perform in the healing process. This includes members of the White Light Brotherhood, the angelic realm, the shamanic realm and those masters of Reiki who are on the other side, the totemic world and plant medicine spirits.

To open your portal of healing and taking control of your life, go to: MarkGoddardHealingArts.com/energyclearing.html.

Mark Goddard's treatment style is one of finding out what you need on the level of body, mind, heart and spirit, and blending a treatment experience that is a unique recipe for each person.

His practice transcends any individual technique or modality in that all elements of his skill set are intuitively woven together with a highest good outcome in mind. Some techniques were learned in training and many others he developed himself. He is an energy healer, shamanic practitioner and Reiki Master.

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